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BYH Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Spring Calendar Raffle Ticket Pickup:

Tuesday Feb 20th & Wednesday Feb 21st from 5-7pm at the arena.

Please make arrangements to pick up your tickets or send a family member/friend during either of these times.


Spring Calendar Raffle Ticket Return

Monday March 25th 5-7pm at the arena.

Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets to support our organization. Congratulations to our winners!

  • April 1: Brandon Gilber
  • April 2: Lillian Buteau
  • April 3: Jeremy Alonzo
  • April 4: Kelly Judson
  • April 5: Nate Croteau
  • April 6: Greg Wedge
  • April 7: Norm Dupuis
  • April 8: Elon Stapleton
  • April 9: Jay Leeman
  • April 10: Jolene Gushee
  • April 11: Ed Garneau
  • April 12: Erin Clower
  • April 13: Kevin St Onge
  • April 14: Chelsea Cascadden
  • April 15: Shirley Dupont
  • April 16: Alan Troy
  • April 17: Dwight Marsh
BYH Calendar Raffle Ticket

BYH Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Twice a year, Berlin Youth Hockey offers a Calendar Raffle Ticket fundraiser which allows families to sell tickets in an effort to significantly help offset their tuition cost. These drawings are held in the spring and fall. 

Each player can start off with 70 tickets per sale (7 books of 10 tickets), or you may choose to take less.

Each ticket is $10. Make sure to keep the part with the potential winner's information, they can keep the calendar part. The money and ticket stubs will need to returned to BYH on the ticket turn in date.

How Much Credit Per Ticket

Ticket Number Credit Amount Per Ticket
1-10 $2
11-20 $8
21+ $10

The first 20 tickets sold are part of the BYH fundraiser. After those initial 20 are sold, the player will receive $10 per ticket as a tuition credit.

Tuition Credit Amounts

# of Tickets Sold Tuition Credit Amount
10 $20
20 $100
25 $150
30 $200
40 $300
50 $400
60 $500
70 $600

If you sell 70 Tickets during both the spring and fall raffle; you receive a $1,200 credit

  • You do not have to sell all your tickets, but all unsold tickets will need to be returned at ticket return.
  • Ticket credits cannot be applied to USA Hockey fees and registration costs.
  • Ticket credit earned from spring and fall ticket sales go towards the next seasons ice bill.
  • Any unused credit will carry over to the next season.

Greeting Jewelers will draw daily winners:

Tickets are drawn starting the 1st of the month from Greetings Jewelers at 107 Main St, Berlin, NH. They are closed on Sundays and holidays. Greetings Jewelers volunteers their time to draw these tickets, please be mindful that announcement of the winners may be delayed up to a few days.

Winners will be posted on the BYH Facebook page and also listed on the BYH website homepage. Prize money must be picked up within 60 days of winning at Greetings Jewlers.