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BYH Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

calendar raffle ticket

Example of calendar raffle ticket

BYH Calendar Raffle Tickets

Twice a year, Berlin Youth Hockey offers a Calendar Raffle Ticket fundraiser which allows families to sell tickets in an effort to significantly help offset their tuition cost. Each player is allowed 70 tickets per sale (7 books of 10 tickets). These drawings are usually held in the spring and fall. This is the only fundraiser that directly helps pay for your child’s tuition.

How the tickets work:

1-10 Tickets Sold = $2.00 per ticket towards your tuition (if 10 tickets sold, $20 off your tuition).

11-20 Tickets Sold = $8.00 per ticket towards your tuition (if 20 tickets sold, additional $80 off tuition for a discount of $100).

21-70 Tickets Sold = $10.00 per ticket towards your tuition.


  • Player sells 30 Tickets, that is a discount of $200 off of tuition cost for that year.
  • Player sells 70 Tickets, that is a discount of $600.00 off tuition cost for that year.

If you sell 70 Tickets during both the spring and fall raffle; Your child’s tuition is FREE!!! ($1,200 credit).  Any unused credit will carry over to the next season.

*Ticket credits cannot be applied to USA Hockey fees and registration costs.

You do not have to sell all your tickets, but we do ask that you return any unsold tickets at ticket drop off. We will try to give at least a month to sell tickets.

There will be a date & time set up for ticket pick up and drop off. If you cannot make these dates, it is your responsibility to set up a time to pick up tickets or to turn in your sold tickets. We will not chase after tickets. Tickets are drawn starting the 1st of the month so all tickets must be returned by the last day of the month prior.

Ticket credit earned from spring and fall ticket sales go towards the next seasons ice bill.