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Coach Reqirements

Coach Requirements

Any person who wishes to Coach OR be on the ice  will need to complete the USA Hockey Coaching Requirements prior to participating.  Please understand these requirements are set forth by USA Hockey and Berlin Youth Hockey must be in compliance

IMPORTANT: BYH and USA Hockey do not allow anyone other than Players, Coaches and Officials on-ice.  

Coaches are responsible for making sure their certification is up to date. Those who are missing any of the requirements will be automatically red-lined by USA Hockey and cannot participate until the requirements are met.

Steps 1-4 will need to be completed prior to going on the ice.

1. Register With USA Hockey

Must be done yearly. This number needs to be emailed to the registrar at

2. Complete a NCSI Background Screening

The NCSI screening is valid for two years. If you are unsure if you are due for a screening, please ask the registrar. It can take up to 3 weeks to process, please plan ahead. You cannot be placed on a roster or coach until it is complete. USA Hockey has already entered the self-registration ID number, you do not need to change this number.

3. Complete USA Hockey SafeSport Training

This is an online course that is valid for 365 days. If this is your first year, you must complete the Core Module training (approx. 90-120 minutes).  If you are a returning coach, a refresher is required every year.

If it is your first time logging in, it may take a few minutes for the course to appear. 

4. Complete the appropriate USA Hockey Age-Specific Module(s) 8U, 10U/12U, or 13+:

USA Hockey requires that coaches take an online course specific for the age of players you will be coaching or helping out with during the season. You only have to take each age module once. Must complete the Foundations Module, prior to taking an age specific module for the first time. available. 

There will be an approx 10 minute wait from the time you take the Foundations Module for the age specific modules to become available.  

5. Find, register, and attend (virtually or in-person) the required certification clinic.

You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. You can take clinics from Sept 1-Dec. 31 each season. Clinics must be completed by 12/31 of that season. If incomplete on/after Jan 1st you will be ineligible to coach for the remainder of the season. This includes being on the ice or bench during any USA Sanctioned events, practices, and/or games. New clinics become available on Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1 and Dec 1.  

*First year Learn to Skate/Play or 8U Coaches: With USA Hockey's "Try Coaching for Free" Program you will still have to complete the USA Hockey Coaching Registration, Age Module, SafeSport, & Background Screening, but do not have to attend the Level 1 Coaching Clinic. If you decide to continue coaching the following year you must follow the Coaching Education Program and complete Level 1.

Coaching Credits

BYH Coaches for 8U-18U teams can receive tuition credit to their player's account for the required USA Hockey Membership, Background Check, Coaching Clinic and Age Specific Modules.  Coaches are responsible for submitting their receipts to the treasurer at the beginning of the season. 

If you have any questions about the coaching process, please contact:

Evan Bledsoe

BYH Coaching Director