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Learn To Skate

Welcome to Learn to Skate

Our Instructional/Learn to Skate program runs every Sunday morning from 8:00am - 9:00am from November to March. It is catered to kids as young as 3 years old who have never skated before. These kids are afforded to opportunity to learn at their own pace and eventually begin basic on-ice skills.

About the Program

Berlin Youth Hockey is a non-profit USA Hockey-registered community hockey organization for boys and girls from Berlin, Gorham, Milan, Shelburne, Jefferson, Littleton, Lancaster, Stark and surrounding communities with a tradition dating back more than 80 years. Whether you are a resident of one of our towns or a guest from another area, we are honored to have you join us over the next few winter months. We are excited to help your child take his or her first strides on the ice. All coaches are volunteers and consist of board members, youth hockey coaches, former local player of Berlin Youth Hockey who have returned to the area and others.

When Can I Join?

Learn to Skate runs from November to March. Sign up at any time.


All Learn to Skate participants must register for both USA hockey (fees vary by birth year) and Berlin Youth Hockey ($50 registration). 

Registration and USA Hockey fees must be paid prior to getting on the ice. Anyone who does not fill these requirements will not be able to get on the ice. These requirements are set forth by the NH Amateur Hockey Association, and Berlin Youth Hockey must be in compliance.

Parents or adults who are planning to get on the ice must also register with USA Hockey (approx $46, select player/coach).

Jerseys & Equipment: 

We will not have any extra equipment available at the rink. Skates and a full cage helmet are required for children. Anyone on the ice including parents and adults must also wear a helmet.

Jerseys will be handed out within the first couple of weeks of practice and will need to be returned at the end of the season.

While only a helmet and skates are required, some families prefer shin pads and elbow pads to help with falls. Gloves to keep fingers warm and snow pants are also a good option to help pants stay dry.


We need your help! The success of this program relies on volunteer coaches and parents. If you would like to help out on the ice, please contact the registrar.

At the rink

Nucar Notre Dame Arena, one of the most nostalgic arenas in New England, is located at 15 Hillside Avenue, Berlin, NH 03570. When you drive into the facility property, you will find parking available along all the sides of the building. Please refrain from parking at the rear of the rink and entering the rear door.

Please enter the arena at the front of the building. Most kids come already dressed, while another portion of players get dressed while in the lobby or locker room. Parents are welcomed to stand around the glass or sit in the stands to watch, but we ask you to stay out of the team bench areas during the sessions. Likewise, no one besides players and registered coaches /volunteers will be allowed on the ice.

Getting Ready

Gorham Hardware has a Pro-Shop in the arena lobby where he can sharpen skates if needed. Be sure to clearly write your child’s name on all of the equipment and the gear bag.

Please write your child’s name on some white hockey tape and stick it to the front of the helmet so the coaches can see everyone’s names.

Please be at the rink approximately 25-30 minutes early so your child has enough time to dress. We have many players registered and we expect it to be somewhat hectic as all of our first-time players get ready and get on the ice.

On The Ice

As soon as the doors are open and the coaches are on the ice, the players can take the ice. On the first day, we’ll give them some time to skate around and try to get a feel for all that new gear before we break them into smaller groups. The skills focus is to get the players comfortable on their skates, so they can move around on their own, pick themselves up when they fall, and feel confident in their ability to play hockey.

Buckets will be available for first time skaters to help keep them upright while getting a feel for moving about on the ice. We intend to produce a fun experience for all the players.

Don’t be surprised to see some tears of frustration along the way and don’t be surprised to hear their skates are too tight or their helmet doesn’t fit right — wearing all that equipment and being in a hockey practice for the first time is a big step and even children with some experience with pond hockey or open skating can have trouble making that big step. Learning to skate is not easy and sometimes the players get so frustrated that they want to get off the ice and talk to their parents, but our coaches will do the best they can to reassure the players and encourage them to stay on the ice if they do get upset.


The morning sessions will be tough for most of us. With that being said, the concession stand will be open serving coffee, donuts, drinks, and breakfast sandwiches. There will also be snacks and hot chocolate.

Looking forward to a fun season ahead! 


Sign up for Learn to Skate

First, sign up for a USA Hockey Membership.

Once you receive your USA Hockey #, click the link below to complete the Berlin Youth Hockey Learn to Skate Registration.

Scott Valliere

BYH Registrar