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Learn To Skate

Learn to Skate/Play Begins on November 5th at 8am.

Learn to Skate Registration is Now Open!

1. Learn to Skate participants MUST register with USA Hockey for each season.

  • Please use the child's full legal name.

2. Once you receive your USA Hockey #, click the link to complete the Berlin Youth Hockey Learn to Skate Registration.

  • When filling out the Registration form, please make sure it is the 2023-2024 USA Hockey #, and not one from a previous season.

3. Once registered, please email a copy of the child's birth certificate to the Registrar ( for USA Hockey verification of citizenship AND age. This can be a scanned copy, or a photo taken with a phone.

  • Participants only have to submit a birth certificate once, it will be linked to their full legal name and date of birth for all future USA hockey participation.

Registration needs to be completed prior to going on the ice. Any child not pre-registered with both BYH and USA Hockey will NOT be allowed on the ice until completed.

The Registration "Learn To Skate" is not currently available.

Welcome to Learn to Skate

Our Instructional/Learn to Skate program runs every Sunday morning from 8:00am - 9:00am from November to March. It is catered to children between the ages of 3 years old and 8 years old who have never skated before. These kids are afforded to opportunity to learn at their own pace and eventually begin basic on-ice skills.  Coaches are volunteers and consist of youth hockey coaches, current and former Berlin Youth Hockey players.

The ice will be split into 2 sides. A Learn to skate side which will wear red jerseys and a Learn to play side which will be wearing black jerseys.


During the first session we will do our best to get the kids split into the sides that they belong on. Jerseys will be handed out during the first session and will need to be returned at the end of the season.

The end goal is to get as many kids to learn to play side (black jerseys) as we can. 

Learn To Skate - Red Jersey

This is where your child will learn the very basics of skating including balancing, getting up from falls, and feeling comfortable accelerating. There will be buckets and skating aids available. Skates and full cage helmet are required. Additional gear is recommended: Shin pads or knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants.

Learn to Play - Black Jersey

The Learn to play side is for the more advanced skater who is ready to learn how to play hockey. On this side they will be led through skating drills and hockey related drills. On this side of the ice kids will need to have full hockey gear to play. Sticks are required along with skates, shin pads, hockey socks, pants, elbow pads, chest pads, hockey gloves, and a helmet.


Nucar Notre Dame Arena, is located at 15 Hillside Avenue, Berlin, NH 03570. Please enter the arena at the front of the building. Some kids come already dressed, while another portion of players get dressed while in the lobby or locker room. Parents are welcomed to stand around the glass or sit in the stands to watch, but we ask you to stay out of the team bench areas during the sessions. Likewise, no one besides players and registered coaches will be allowed on the ice.


Please write your child’s name on some white hockey tape and stick it to the front of the helmet so the coaches can see names.

Write your child’s name on all of the equipment and the gear bag.

Gorham Hardware has a Pro-Shop in the arena lobby where he can sharpen skates if needed.

Please be at the rink approximately 25-30 minutes early so your child has enough time to dress. We have many players registered and we expect it to be somewhat hectic as all of our first-time players get ready and get on the ice.


For both sides we ask that the kids stay out on the ice for about two twenty-minute halves. We will go for 20 minutes then take a break where kids can see mom and dad and get a short break. Then get them back on the ice for the last twenty minutes. Encourage your child to stay on the ice for as long as they can.


The morning sessions will be tough for most of us. With that being said, the concession stand will be open serving coffee, donuts, drinks, and breakfast sandwiches. There will also be snacks and hot chocolate.

On Ice Adult REquirement:

If you are interested in going on the ice for Learn to Skate, please reach out the BYH Registrar, email listed below. Please note, these requirements must be completed before any on-ice participation and there is an approx 3-week turnaround for the background check.

USA Hockey considers ANY adult on ice a coach whether you are helping only your child or others. Berlin Youth Hockey's Learn to Skate program falls under USA Hockey, making these requirements mandatory for ANY adult on the ice.

Please understand these requirements are set forth by USA Hockey and Berlin Youth Hockey must be in compliance. Some of these requirements do have a fee which is at your own expense.

Steps 1-4 must be completed and the USA Hockey Number emailed to the BYH Registrar at least 48 hours before participating on ice.

  1. Register With USA Hockey and send the confirmation # to the registrar.
  2. Complete/Pass Background Screening. Please note there is an approx 3 week turnaround, this has to be processed before going on the ice.
  3. Complete USA Hockey SafeSport Training
  4. Complete the appropriate USA Hockey Age-Specific Module(s): 8U

More information on the Certification Process.

All adults must properly wear an approved ice hockey helmet during all on-ice sessions.

Kari Warner

BYH Registrar

Zach Cascadden

Learn to Skate Lead Instuctor